‘Enough is enough’: School bus hijacker gives up because children kept asking him annoying questions
Photo courtesy of Good Morning America/YouTube

A South Carolina school bus driver has revealed how 18 fearless children nagged themselves to safety, after being held hostage by an armed hijacker.

Kenneth Corbin spoke to Good Morning America about the children aboard his bus when Army trainee Jovan Collazo tried to commandeer it after reportedly escaping from custody.

Collazo pointed a gun at Corbin’s head and told him to drive to the next town. But the driver said the children were continuously grilling him, peppering him with questions which seemed to frustrate him until it eventually led to their release.

The kids asked if he was a soldier, to which he answered hesitantly. Then they asked him, “Why are you doing this?” he didn’t answer. The kids also asked if he would hurt them or the bus driver, to which Corbin remember him, saying, “no, I’m putting you off the bus.”

Corbin then noted that Collazo seemed to snap when the rapid-fire questions continued.

“He sensed more questions coming, and I guess something clicked in his mind, and he said, ‘Enough is enough already,’ and he told me to stop the bus,” he said.

“When they started questioning him, it seemed to frustrate him because his main objective was to get to the next town. I think we were on the road for about four miles,” he continued.

After Collazo’s arrest, his Army-issued M4 rifle - which he had pointed at Corbin’s head as he drove - was revealed to have no bullets in it.

According toWIS News, Collazo was arrested on the same day and is facing almost two dozen charges, including 19 counts of kidnapping, and single counts of armed robbery with a deadly weapon and carrying a weapon on school grounds.

Collazo’s public defender Fielding Pringle said: “These are obviously not the actions of an individual who was thinking clearly or rationally with an intent to escape. These are the actions of a very troubled young man.”

Corbin was happy the children aboard the bus escaped unharmed.

“It was so evident that they were precious cargo, and I pretty much just had to just do whatever—to get them off the bus safe and sound,” he said to GMA.

Check out the full interview of Kenneth Corbin with Robin Roberts below.

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