How to deal with receiving racist abuse online, according to a scientist

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A scientist who often gets racist messages on Twitter has charmed the internet with his response to the hatred.

Abdul, who goes by @Advil on Twitter and is also an award-winning astrophotographer shared some of the discriminatory direct messages he often gets, including “Go to ur country leave ours alone” and “Abdul, get the f*** where you come from!”

Recently he shared an exchange he had with a Twitter user.

Abdul wrote: “my favourite thing in the world is responding to my hateful messages and seeing how fast I can change their mood."

One such message began:

Shut the f*** up and go back the f*** wherever u came from then p***y.

In response, Abdul told the man who messaged him: "u look really nice in your icon. What do u use to whiten your teeth like that [sic]."

Seemingly taken aback by Abdul’s message, the guy backtracked: “I’m pretty nice usually jus a lil sick rn.”

My girlfriend does it I don’t really prefer it but I liked the pic

I like ur facial hair wish I had some.

The scientist, having completely turned the conversation from vitriol to facial care, continued: ‘I use activated charcoal capsules. Pull them apart and brush with them. It looks/tastes weird but works wonders on polishing teeth.

The reformed (?) troll asked him - where does one get activated charcoal capsules?

Abdul: "any drugstore like cvs. [sic]"

“Appreciate it well sorry to have been rude man have a good night,” the guy told Abdul, who told him “sleep well homie love u.”

Astonishingly, the troll responded: “love u to gn.”

What just happened?

People were impressed by his patience

And Abdul gave some insight into how he remains calm

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