Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been keeping a low profile since leaving the White House in July 2017.

His tenure in the Trump administration was dogged with bizarre moments and inexplicable mistakes but despite all this, he never lost his ability to incessantly rattle on about anything was unquenchable.

Now it looks like he is trying to get back onto television by lending his face and voice to the syndicated news magazine show Extra TV, which, according to Vanity Fair, is basically a tabloid with moving pictures and sound.

One of his first assignments in the role was to interview his former college and apparent Oscar fanatic, secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

In a video posted on ExtraTV's Twitter account on Wednesday, Spicer is seen interviewing Pompeo and his wife Susan about music, the movies and where they plan to watch the Oscars.

This fluff piece interview with Pompeo is a light way to treat a man who recently blamed Iran and Obama for the ongoing troubles in the Middle East and is so effective at his job that Ivanka Trump can, more or less, do it.

At least we found out what music Mike and Susan enjoy and what film he wants to win the best picture gong (Bohemian Rhapsody???)

Spicer's interviews with the current Trump administration don't end there. A preview on his interview with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway was also shared by ExtraTV.

Derision and criticisms of the video soon started to appear in the comments of the video and they were scathing, to say the least.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Spicer said that the aim of these interviews, which are all with members of the same administration, was to...

Obviously, we started in my wheelhouse of Republicans, but we hope to make this bipartisan and to offer people an opportunity and a platform to give people a better understanding of who they are as people.

This is the personal, not the politics, not the policy. The idea is to give people a different angle on some of the people they see on the cable news channels every day.

Spicer also told Mashable that the interviews are a one-off and that he thought it was a "cool idea".

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