This video of Sean Spicer speaking English to the best of his ability is wonderful

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It was a wild ride but Sean Spicer's time as White House Press Secretary has come to an end.

The 45-year-old resigned on Friday after only six months with the Trump administration.

The BBCreports that Spicer's decision to step down was in connection with the appointment of a new communications director.

President Trump selected Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier for the role, leading Spicer to quit on the grounds of there being'too many cooks' in the White House media office.

Whilst his time in the spotlight may have only been short, Spicer proved to be a ratings hit for American television.

His awkward, bumbling and sometimes aggressive style, combined with a series of unforgivable gaffs quickly became an Internet sensation with many jokes and memes being made at his expense.

There was that time he hid in a bush and when he followed up a controversial statement about Hitler with a joke about eggs, which were both mercilessly mocked.

Comedian, Melissa McCarthy even did a spot on impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

However, Spicer's grasp of the English language (or lack of) will go down as possibly his greatest contribution to mankind, which this video made by GQ proves.

Here are a few more of his greatest hits.

Whilst, Spicer received a lot of criticism and flack for his press conferences, at least he was doing his job, the same of which can't be said about other press officers in the US government.

A report from Buzzfeed, states that The Pentagon press secretary Dana W. White has let to hold a single briefing, despite being in the job for three months.

Defence Secretary and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford have only held two public briefings in the last six months, which is less than commanders were holding during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The report adds that the White House and the Pentagon have limited their officials exposure to potentially hostile journalists, where one misstep could potentially end their careers.

Even if Spicer didn't exactly cover himself in glory, he'll probably be remembered for a long time to come by simply showing his face and trying his best, or worst.

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