Former Trump aide claims he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for 'more than a month'

Former Trump aide claims he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for 'more than a month'

A former Trump aide claims that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for a month now.

Since March, prominent republicans, as well as wellness influencers and others, have touted its benefits, despite experts claiming that it can kill.

Trump recently said in a press conference that he was taking it every day, which sparked some scepticism from anyone who had been paying attention to him over the last couple of years.

But it turns out he’s not the only one.

In a bizarre Instagram post, Sebastian Gorka, formerly an aide in the Trump administration and a right-wing provocateur, said that he had also been taking hydroxychloroquine for over a month, and posted several other videos and photos related to the drug.

He then posted a 34-minute video of the talk show that he hosts, with his personal physician Dr Sam Peppas, where they discussed the benefits of taking hydroxychloroquine at length.

Gorka admits about seven minutes in:

Look, I am not a biologist. I am a PhD in political science.

In the comments on all of the posts where Gorka talks about hydroxychloroquine, people were praising him for talking about the drug, and saying that the ‘left’ and the ‘government’ were scared of letting people take it.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka was formerly an aide in the Trump administration, and now hosts his own radio show called America First. He’s also a spokesperson for Relief Factor, which is literally a fish oil supplement company.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used to some effect with Covid-19 patients, but multiple studies have shown that it has no benefit if taken preventatively and that there isn’t enough supply of the drug for everyone to be taking it without a legitimate reason to do so.

A reporter asked Gorka if he had any legitimate reasons to be telling people to take a drug that so far, has not been proven to do anything with Covid-19. He replied,” Go to hell you stinking hack.”

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