Picture: Yuri_Arcurs/Getty
Picture: Yuri_Arcurs/Getty

Giving to charity, helping old ladies cross the street and taking the time to give lost tourists directions might give you more than just a moral boost.

The more altruistic you are, the more sex you could be having.

No, seriously.

Previous studies have suggested that being charitable makes you more attractive to potential sexual partners, but new research suggest that it might actually make you more sexually active.

Two separate studies, published in the British Journal of Psychology sought to prove this.

The first study asked unmarried men and women to describe how much, if any, charity they partake in, and to describe their sex life.

The results were statistically significant and found that heterosexual women received more sexual attention from the opposite sex when they were more charitable minded. Men who reported to giving more charity tended to have more sexual partners in their lifetime.

A second study was more conclusive still: 335 undergraduates were given $100 (£76) and the chance to donate the money to charity. A questionnaire told the participants to rate themselves with statements, and to write out their sexual history.

Those who were more altruistic with their money tended to have more sex: again, with men this specifically meant more sexual partners. Women with higher levels of altruism reported to having sex more frequently.

There you have it: the more you give, the more you get.

You're welcome.

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