US senator accidentally dropped several F-bombs on Zoom and became an instant meme
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We’ve all had awkward Zoom meetings.

With so much of regular life moved online, everyone has had to adapt to Zoom meetings with people they’ve never met before, and for some professions – televised hearings.

For politicians around the world, the move to Zoom has proved to be rife with difficulties. Senator Tom Carper definitely felt that way on Friday, after dialling into a Zoom hearing with the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

When Tom Carper was called on for his turn to question the Postmaster General, it seemed like there was some sort of lag – so you couldn’t hear what Carper was saying.

Ron Johnson, a Senator from Wisconsin, who was leading the hearing, suggested that the hearing move past Carper and come back to him later.

But Carper appeared not to notice when his sound came back – as evidenced by the string of F-bombs that he dropped, on mic, in front of many people. Including journalists and anyone else watching along at home.

But Carper pressed on with his questions after he realised people could hear him, potentially without realising that everyone heard him swearing profusely seconds before.

The hearing was about the US Postal Service. During the 2020 election period, there will probably be more mail-in ballots than normal, because of the pandemic, but ongoing cuts to the Postal Service meant that there have already been significant delays and other issues with sorting mail.

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