If you were born in September you're more likely to be intelligent, study finds

Greg Evans
Tuesday 03 April 2018 08:30
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September isn't exactly the most exciting month of the year.

You might bear witness to a few daddy longlegs fluttering in the corner of your bedroom, keeping you awake at night, if you're lucky. Not much happens in September, is what we're basically saying.

However, for those born in the ninth month of the year, research has found that you're more likely to be smarter than your peers who were born any other time of the year.

As the findings published by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests, it's all to do with the start of the school year, which is traditionally in September.

Researchers from Cambridge, Massachusetts, studied the cognitive development of more than 1.2 million public school students in Florida, all aged between six and 15.

Those who were found to achieve higher grades were often born in September, while younger students, born in summer months, had lower grade scores.

This wasn't just exclusive to their time spent at school. September children also had a better chance getting into university and succeeding in higher education and beyond.

This will be welcome news to anyone born in the said month who are probably more than aware of their own personal intelligence and potential.

Just to further reinforce their ego, here are some famous individuals born in September: Beyoncé, Prince Harry, Idris Elba, Agatha Christie, Bernie Sanders, Freddie Mercury and Bill Murray, which is a pretty strong group of people if you ask us.

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If that wasn't good enough for you September kids, further research into the socioeconomic backgrounds of those involved in the study revealed that they are less likely to end up in jail.

They discovered this by analysing data from youth detention centres in Florida and found that the oldest members of a school year group were less likely to be arrested for juvenile crimes.

More intelligent and less likely to be in prison? Being born in September doesn't sound too bad at all now, does it?

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