Shopping is like sex for some people, study finds

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Money can't buy you happiness, but shopping could at least guarantee you a good time.

A study of 'gamma brainwaves' shows a link between shopping and a state of pleasure for Shopaholics.

The research, conducted by the company MyndPlay, who have previously done studies that use 'electro-encephalography' (EEG) headsets to measure pleasure in the brain's electrical signals.

Myndplay divided shoppers into two categories: 'Inspired' and 'Shop-y-cats'.

It found that 'Inspired Shoppers' were those derived real pleasure from browsing, whereas 'Shop-y-cats' only did it in order to fit in.

The analysis found that 84 per cent of the former group experienced a 'buyers' high' at checkout.

The prolonged high experienced by Inspired Shoppers was, according to The Sun, comparable to sex, or a Formula 1 driver finishing a race.

Quite the bargain.

While Shop-y-cats (who apparently count for half of the UK population) still experience a high, it is much shorter lived.

More than four out of five of this group had increased mental fatigue, that went up 30 per cent every 10 minutes spent shopping.

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