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They were trying to create something that produced pain, and instead it makes pleasure.

Sounds about right.

Researchers at Maastricht University, in the Netherlands created an inflatable device designed to put pressure on the vaginal wall.

The device is inserted into the vagina and slowly fills with body temperature water.

While it was inflated by remote control, the women watched a mix of films, ranging from pornography to the 12A rated Forest Gump.

It was expected the device would cause genital discomfort, and measure the relationship between that and vaginal pleasure.

They found it was actually stimulating pleasure for the 42 female participants, who had an average age of 24.

The level of arousal when the device was inserted was significantly higher than when it was not.

On a satisfaction scale of 1-10 (painful-pleasurable) the device received an average score of 7.2.

It wouldn't be the first time an attempt at pain was received with glee.

Another study from 2015, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported than 30 per cent of women experience pain during or after vaginal intercourse.

The same is true for just seven per cent of men.

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