The 'sexist' reason people think the royal baby is going to be a boy


News outlets have been reporting that Prince William might have accidently let the gender of his third baby “slip”.

The Prince was at a Championship match between Aston Villa and Cardiff City when, in the 85th minute, Jack Grealish scored a goal, clinching the Aston Villa win; shortly after, the Prince made a comment about his baby, which is due in a few weeks.

According to The Mirror, he told fans:

I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack… or Jackie.

A number of news outlets have reported that this is a massive “hint” that the baby will be a boy

And even that it’s “proof” of his gender.

In fact, bets have shifted from the baby being a girl, to a boy. Betfair suspended the ‘Sex of Royal Baby’ market after a four-figure bet was made on the baby being a boy.

The favourite name for the baby is now ‘Arthur’ at 5/1, with previous favourites having been Mary and Alice.

Some people have called it 'sexist' to suggest that the baby is a boy based on the assumption that it'll be named after a footballer.

Others suggested female footballers that the baby could be named after.

But not everyone thought the assumption was sexist.

They argued that Prince William ‘slipped up’ by saying he wanted to call his child ‘Jack’, a traditionally male name, and tagged ‘Jackie’ on at the end in an effort to cover it up.

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