Tiny SHEIN bikini leaves women concerned everything is going to fall out

Tiny SHEIN bikini leaves women concerned everything is going to fall out
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TikTokers are baffled by a barely-there bikini that looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Stacy (@stacymurf) shared the swimwear on the platform and has since attracted the attention of thousands. The bikini-in-question is made up of three patches of tartan material connected by a black string.

Stacy complimented the model for looking great but was quick to highlight the bikini's impractical design.

"So I was on SHEIN and do you want to see the most terrifying bikini I've ever seen in my life? As a fat girl, I would be terrified to wear this," she told TikTok viewers.

"But even as a skinny girl — if I were skinny like that, I would be terrified of everything falling out everywhere.

"I'd need a prayer, but it looks good on you though. Brave, very brave."

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I would just panicking about everything #shein #bikini #clothingfinds #plussize

Fellow TikTok users flocked to the comments, with an overwhelming amount feeling "terrified" by what could possibly happen next.

"I'd be scared of something coming out with every movement I'd made," one said, while another reiterated: "One wrong move and boom everyone's seeing everything".

Meanwhile, one user offered their solution in form of duct tape.

Despite TikTokers concerns, the garment has received over 900 reviews on SHEIN with many commenting on how "sexy" it made them feel.

Some also noted how the bodysuit was challenging to get into. One said, "Confusing to put on but once one it’s sooo sexy."

Another reiterated their comments, adding: "It was a bit difficult at first but I went back to the model’s picture and I did it I love the way it looks."

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