Francklef Dominique Lambert/Twitter screengrab

Dance battles are serious affairs - and these siblings know it.

Francklef Dominique Lambert, aged 19, and his sister Yve Alexandre, aged 24, recorded an intense dance battle. In complete silence. ​

The video blew up on the internet with over three million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

We’re not sure which part people are going crazy for. Was it the bit where he took her beating heart right out?

Picture:Picture: Francklef Dominique Lambert/Twitter screengrab 

Or when she took his heart out, threw it up in the air and ate it?

Picture:Picture: Francklef Dominique Lambert/Twitter screengrab 

Or was it when he ripped off her face and wore it?

Picture:Picture: (Francklef Dominique Lambert/Twitter screengrab )

It was an intense battle to say the least.

Francklef, who is an actor and comedian in college, didn’t expect such a response from people on social media. He told BuzzFeed:

Seeing all of the positive comments, and people constantly liking, retweeting, and sharing was just amazing. My purpose is to entertain people, and I did just that which is amazing.

The video was literally a 'let's pull out the phone and and record this'. 

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