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We've all been there on Tinder.

You've not really been concentrating at all. Someone pops up who takes your interest but you've fallen into such a robotic rhythm that you make a fatal error.

You want to swipe right but your brain can't communicate with your fingers fast enough. You've swiped left. You idiot.

You'll just have to put it down as a mistake and learn from it.

However, that wasn't a mistake that Hayden Moll from Missouri State University was just going to idly accept.

Hayden took it upon himself to find the Claudia he had accidentally rejected.

Rather than scouring social media he decided to email every Claudia at Missouri State with specific details about her Tinder profile.

That might seem like a thankless, extra task but it worked and he found the Claudia he was seeking.

Her full name is Claudia Alley and she shared his long and amusing email on Twitter.

As you'd guess it quickly went viral.

Replies to the tweet were absolutely brilliant.

Most people found it hilarious, others admired his determination.

The question everybody wanted to know was whether she accepted his invite for a date of "donuts or something."

Claudia is yet to confirm if she has agreed to go on a date with Hayden or not, leaving the Internet on tenterhooks.

Amazingly though someone managed to find Hayden's Twitter profile and barring a typo, his bio is genuinely incredible.

HT Claudia Alley

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