Simone Biles shares horrifying story of secretly stealing food after being underfed by coaches

Simone Biles shares horrifying story of secretly stealing food after being underfed by coaches

Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles said she used to break into kitchens at night during US training camps to steal food after being underfed.

CBS reported food was rationed and eating was monitored at Karolyi Ranch in Texas, which was the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Biles said: "Granted, now, I feel like we can’t really get in trouble for this. But, like, there would have been nights where we would like break into the cafeteria and go get food.”

Presenter Sharyn Alfonsi then asked: “Because you were hungry?”

Biles continued: "I’ve never told that to anybody like on film or anything. But there would be nights where we’re, like, running with our hoodie up, and we would break into the cafeteria to eat."

When asked for her reflection on this now she is an adult, Biles said: "It’s not the right training."

In the same interview, the decorated gymnast said if she had a daughter she would not want her to be part of USA Gymnastics after the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

In response to a question from host Alfonsi on whether she allow them to join the programme, the 23-year-old replied: "No because I don’t feel comfortable enough, because they haven’t taken accountability for their actions and what they’ve done.

“And they haven’t ensured us that it’s never going to happen again."

Former USA Gymnastics doctor Nassar was imprisoned for 300 years in 2018 for abusing more than 250 athletes, including Biles.

The athlete said there were still many questions that need to be answered and called for an independent investigation.

When asked to elaborate, she said: “Just who knew what, when? You guys have failed so many athletes. And most of us underage. You guys don’t think that’s a bigger problem?”

In a statement to CBS, president and chief executive of USA Gymnastics Li Li Leung said: "We recognize how deeply we have broken the trust of our athletes and community, and are working hard to build that trust back.

"Everything we do now is aimed at creating a safe, inclusive, and positive culture for everyone who participates in our sport."

The organisation previously said it would no longer use Karolyi Ranch.

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