Gymnast Simone Biles creates a ‘handstand challenge’ that almost everyone finds impossible to do

Gymnastics le​ge​nd Simone​ Bile​s has se​t the​ world a challenge.

It involves taking off a pair of trousers using only your feet – while upside down in a handstand – and nothing about it sounds easy to us.

A lot of people were absolutely gobsmacked at the skill shown by the American gymnast who holds 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, and is currently the third most decorated gymnast in the world.

A challenge from a gymnastic legend such as Biles must be literally impossible for us normal people right?

Apparently not!

While Biles completed the challenge in under 60 seconds, an elite few managed it even quicker.

Get this, how about trying it PREGNANT?!

Though it was apparently a walk in the park for others.

Alright Kevin, how about this?

Or if you're still not even breaking a sweat, Kev, what about gaining some Olympic medals – the most ever won by a gymnast – by the age of 23?

How's that for a challenge?

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