Single dad going on a date asks daughters for fashion advice


Sometimes the internet contains good and pure content – this is one of those times.

A dad reached viral acclaim online after a picture of him asking his daughters for date shirt advice made its way on Twitter.

Twitter user Carli,18 posted photos her dad Jeff, texted her featuring different shirts tucked in and tucked out.

She captioned it: “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits. My heart.”

Our hearts.

People online are here for the 56-year-old dad and his innocent enthusiasm.

Other grown up children are sharing cute date chats they've had with their dads.

Carli revealed that her dad got stood up (boo!) but these Twitter users are trying to set up their mums with Carli's dad instead.

This mum is setting herself up with Carli's dad.

There's this guy, who feels the dad's energy.

After reaching viral sainthood, Carlie wrote:

If only everyone could see how happy the encouragement and attention this tweet is getting truly makes him.

Jeff even created his own Twitter account.

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