There are six soldiers in this photo. Can you spot them all?

Household Cavalry/Twitter

Anyone who has played a Call of Duty video game will appreciate the fine art of camouflage.

Obtaining enough cover and wearing the right amount of cover will guarantee that nobody ever spots you.

It's easy to forget that people actually do this for real and are almost never ever spotted by the naked eye.

Just to prove how well hidden the soldiers in the British Army can be the Household Cavalry posed a teasing quiz to their social media followers on Christmas Day.

There are apparently six soldiers in this photo. Good luck trying to find them.

Nothing? How about this image posted a few hours later where the soldiers had been partially revealed.

Impossible, isn't it?

The soldiers in the image were eventually revealed on Boxing Day and you'll be amazed how you didn't spot them.

However, some people aren't convinced that they were ever in the image in the first place.

Users of Twitter and Facebook began suggesting that there had been some photo manipulation at play.

Yet as one person pointed out "if you could see them, they would have failed their mission."

We can't decide if they have been edited into the photo or whether they are just masters at hiding themselves.

Either way, it's certain to rack your brains.

Speaking to the Indy100 a spokesman from the British Army cleared up the debate.

We can confirm to you that they ARE in the first photo.

The soldiers all got into position, a photo was taken, they partially moved in order to get the second photo.

Then they either stood up/stepped out to fully expose themselves to the final photo.

So now you know.

HT Daily Mail

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