These are the best positions to sleep in, according to the internet

Nothing is sacred in internet discourse, not even debate over how people choose to spend the blissful eight or so hours of kip they (should) get every night.

Which is why a furious discussion has erupted over what the ultimate position to sleep in is – and it seems almost no one can agree.

The debate seems to have been kicked off by CBS reporter Allan Bell, who posted a graphic of 18 different snoozing set-ups on Monday, asking followers to report which one was their preferred position (Bell is number nine, for the record).

But it was quickly apparent that no consensus could be reached.

Some were straightforward and consistent in their approach...

Others liked to mix it up…

Number 13 caused a lot of brow furrowing.

But some people actually said 13 served a useful purpose.

Science however has an answer: apparently sleeping on your back is the optimum way to go.

But I think we can all agree that in this case, science is plainly wrong and the only acceptable sleeping position is actually upside down, suspended from the ceiling. And that’s on that!

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