Bobby Moynihan in a grey jacket, holding a glass of whisky as ‘Drunk Uncle’. To the left of him is Seth Meyers in a black suit.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Clear Channel

A Saturday Night Live segment from 2015 has reappeared online after a former cast member revealed that Donald Trump loved his wildly racist character.

Actor Bobby Moynihan performed as ‘Drunk Uncle’ during his time on the programme, a character who in 2015 expressed his support for Trump’s candidacy. 

“Finally someone is saying the things I’ve been thinking as well as saying. I don’t just like him, I love him.

“He’s going to make America grapes again. I mean, it’s like I’m running for president,” he said.

The skit itself aired during an episode when Trump himself was host, but Moynihan has since told The Last Laugh podcast that the now ex-president did not recognise that the joke was on him. 

“I remember thinking, ‘this is one of the only things in the show that’s actually really bad-mouthing him and pointing out how racist and terrible he is."

“He walked up to me afterwards and I’m like, ‘oh no’, and he shook my hand.

“He was like, ‘thank you so much, that was so nice to hear such nice things being said’, and I was like ‘you moron’,” he said.

The full interview is available to listen to on all popular podcast providers.

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