Embarrassing snoring habits dividing Australian households

In an unlikely turn of events, you could get paid benefits if you happen to live in the UK and snore. £156 per week to be precise.

Snoring Brits could get be entitled to DWP benefits because of a 'hidden health condition' that is covered by Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is a benefit paid to people with long-term or physical or mental health conditions.

What makes this even more appealing is that you could claim the benefit even if you are working full time or are already claiming other benefits. 3 million people already receive PIP but may not realise that they could be receiving this extra wad of cash.

Other conditions that fall under this category include anxiety, depression, diabetes and hearing loss.

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However, snoring could be a sign that a person has sleep apnea which happens when the muscles in the back of a person's throat relax too much when they are breathing.

The disorder also includes gasping, snorting or choking noises, tiredness during the day, mood swings or waking up with headaches. If not treated it can lead to high blood pressure, depression and even a stroke.

As per Kent Live, around 2,217 people in the UK are already claiming benefits for the condition. Those claiming can receive between £97.80 and £627.60 every four weeks.

PIP is slowly replacing the Disability Living Allowance and also covers musculoskeletal, neurological or respiratory diseases.

In order to claim you have to be assessed by a medical professional and have had difficulties moving around for the past three months and expect those same difficulties to continue for at least the next nine months.

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