These images of snow in Texas should be of grave concern for anyone

It's snowing in Texas and you don't need us to tell you that it isn't ok.

With Australia currently battling one of the worst wildfires in recent memory, the discussion around the climate crisis is becoming more and more needed by the day.

To emphasise just how serious this matter is, look no further than the great US state of Texas, which has an average temperature in January of 52°F (11.1°C).

However, right now, in North Texas, it is currently experiencing snowfall of two to three inches in some areas. That's right it's snowing in Texas.

This is the first time that any measurable snow has fallen in this area of Texas since January 2017 which has caused officials to issue a 'Winter Weather Advisory' in four different counties.

Numerous crashes and icy roads were also reported across multiple highways in the area.

If that's wasn't enough a tornado warning was also issued in Texas on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, in more traditionally colder states like New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts experienced something akin to a mini-heatwave as temperatures soared to 60 degrees in some parts.

This in context with what was going on in Texas has led many to believe that this is far from a normal weather pattern.

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