This simple cartoon shows how ridiculous climate change denial is

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Whether you want to accept it or not climate change in a very real threat to the planet.

Nasa regularly share startling images that show the extent of the damage it is causing to the planet.

If that wasn't concerning enough a gigantic piece of iceberg broke away from Antarctica just two months ago.

Yet, despite all this evidence there are still climate change deniers out there.

Including President Donald Trump.

If only there was an image or a cartoon that we could show them to alter their opinions....

Step-forward Jennifer Harrison and cartoonist Joel Pett.

This perfect piece of satire, condemning climate change deniers hypocrisy was printed by USA Today back in 2009 before the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Despite it being eight years old the image is still proving to be engaging and thought-provoking and has been retweeted over 46,000 times since Jennifer posted it on Saturday.

People have since been sharing other cartoons which really hit the nail on the head.

Memes are also handy too.

These type of images couldn't be more prevalent given the extreme storms that we have seen in America and the Caribbean in the last few months, as well as floods in Africa.

Incidentally, Joel Pett, who illustrated the image that sparked this debate is Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist.

He received the prestigious award back in 2000 for his work which has covered a variety of issues in over 25 countries.

Now in his 60s, Pett works for the Lexington Herald-Leader but has been featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe and LA Times.

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