Some student Labour activists may have come up with the best election poster of the campaign so far

Loathe her or loathe her, Katie Hopkins undeniably inserted herself into the general election campaign discourse by tweeting that she would leave the country if Ed Miliband became prime minister.

Her tweet inadvertently became something of a cause celebre for Labour activists, and now the inevitable has happened.

One hundred of these posters have been put up around Cambridge by student activists, and they are planning to distribute more next week.

The Cambridge Universities Labour Club (CULC) said it decided on the poster campaign to attract attention to the Labour Party and local candidate Daniel Zeichner.

CULC chair Rory Weal told

We believe that, in contrast to the Lib Dems, Katie Hopkins can be taken at her word.

The campaign is well-timed; Hopkins is currently embroiled in a massive row over her latest column for the Sun newspaper in which she refers to migrants as "cockroaches" and suggests sending gunships to the Mediterranean to stop people arriving in Europe.

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