Someone created a National Registry of White Males for until we figure out what's going on

A video of President-elect Donald Trump in which he appears to be advocating for a ‘Muslim Registry’ recently emerged.

The 2015 MSNBC clip prompted Jewish activist Jonathan Greenblatt, director of the Anti-Defamation League to state he would register as a Muslim if the database is created because of "painful memories".

Greenblatt was referring to the registering, internment and eventual murder of millions of Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

Donald Trump has since eased off on plans for a Muslim Registry, but people remain wary.

Which is why artist Candace Thompson created the National Registry of White Males.

Part dark irony, part social commentary, she created the ‘project’ in order to highlight the inaccurate portrayal of ethnic minorities and crime in the US.

In a Facebook post she wrote:

As you may or may not know, in America 57% of reported rapes(1) and 64% of mass shootings(2) were committed by white men. 45% of all serial killers are white men(3). 1 in 3 women will experience some form of domestic violence during their lifetime(4), and 97% of those domestic violence perpetrators were men(5).

Well when you put it that way...

In short, she continued, the most immediate threat to domestic security “is and always has been white, straight men”.

The registry included a number of ‘White Man’ markers, including benefiting from white privilege and indicates to what extent they may have made “a derogatory comment about a marginalized group to another white male”.

It's quite thorough...

In addition to asking for the nationality of the white male, (yes, passport proof is vital) socio-economic status is also queried.

Responses have been mixed:

I want to thank the 205 white male Patriots who have already registered themselves with the National White Male Registry, including Adolf Hitler, IamwhitemalescumbagLOL, Nemo Fuccboi, and a few gentlemen I won't name here because they, oddly enough, have parents who gave them racist and sexist slurs as first names. Weird.

I also want to thank all the Real Men who have looked at this and/or filled it out in honesty and written really thoughtful responses to the last entry. Someone must have put this on Reddit because I'm receiving a lot of vitriol in that 'free space', and it's being tempered by those who are willing to discuss and acknowledge their points of privilege with words of peace and humility.

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