Someone ripped the head off a cardboard Maggie Thatcher and this young Tory is really sad

A young Conservative supporter was left visibly peeved after "revolutionary socialists" ripped off and stole the head of a Margaret Thatcher cut-out.

Manchester Conservative Future erected the cardboard Iron Lady as their stall decoration at the university’s Welcome Fair for Freshers’ Week.

It reportedly proved very popular with students who (possibly ironically) were keen to get selfies with the former prime minister.

It wasn’t to prove as appealing to students Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake, who were seen with their hands on Maggie’s decapitated head.

In a statement printed in the Mancunion, they said:

It’s outrageous that they should be allowed to parade her around when she ruined this country for poor people. We thought it was an ethical choice. We grabbed her and ran. This Tory grabbed me really hard and screamed in my face, ‘what the f**k are you doing’.  I turned around and screamed, ‘get the f**k off me you Tory scum’. Then Lauren ripped off the head of Thatcher, we stamped on it and ran.


Chair of Manchester Conservative Future Luke Dyks responded to the incident. He said:

There was no need for this theft; everyone has a right to hold a set of beliefs, no matter how much you disagree with them.

The beheading left a rather annoyed looking Conservative standing next to the torso of a worse for wear Maggie.

It wasn’t long before the image was being shared on the internet.

The head is yet to be returned.

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