Picture: Brynn Anderson/AP Images
Picture: Brynn Anderson/AP Images

In the continued nightmare that is this year's US presidential race, Donald Trump is still dangerously closer than most to becoming the leader of the free world.

While Super Saturday's Republican primaries - two narrow wins in Louisiana and Kentucky - didn't go as well as they could have for the property mogul, he's still the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

And support is still riding high in Orlando, Florida, where hundreds of people attended a Trump rally on Saturday - including this man:

That, folks, is a man in white brick-patterned spandex and baseball hat that says, 'TRUMP WALL'.

His chest reads, "MEXICO WILL PAY!", in reference to Trump's ill-defined policy idea to build a wall across the US' entire southern border to discourage illegal immigration.

Trump has repeatedly said he will make the state of Mexico pay for this wall - a claim which Mexico has refuted.

Apparently, Trump Wall Man danced.

But not everyone was suitably impressed.

We weren't sure whether the man's appearance was actually a piece of blistering social commentary on the absurdist nature of Trump's presidential bid and the mania he seems to inspire in supporters.

But the Associated Press reports that the man's name is Steve Travers, from nearby Tampa, and he's a bona fide Trump voter.

Donald Trump et al: Making American Great Again, one leotard at a time.

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