Sorry, Ukip, Jean-Claude Juncker didn't say Britain doesn't need the EU

Ukip jumped the gun a bit on Wednesday afternoon after President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker mumbled his way though a media conference.

When talking about the UK's upcoming referendum on European Union membership, the ex-Prime Minister of Luxembourg said:

It takes two to tango. We have to dance and our British friends have to dance. I am 150 per cent in favour of having Britain as a constructive member state of the European Union.

We need Britain. Personally I do think Britain needs the European Union.

However, the non-native English speaker's stumble over "I do think" made it sound a lot like Juncker had just said Britain doesn't need the EU.

The Telegraph and several other news outlets rushed to report that Juncker appeared to say that the UK's economy is strong enough to make it on its own.

Nigel Farage and many other Eurosceptics were, naturally, delighted.

A spokesperson from Juncker's office was quick to clarify that the EC President meant to communicate that Britain does need the EU.

But of course, that's not going to put the debate to bed now that pundits have found 'the dress' of politics.

You had one job, Mr President.

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