Someone watched a Space X launch from a plane and people are in awe over the footage

A Redditor who managed to capture Thursday’s Space X satellite launch from a plane flying to Los Angeles - said it was “an awesome start” to their morning.

Almost every Space X launch is exciting, but this week's was made extra interesting after it emerged that a ship with a huge net was going to be patrolling the sea to catch the rocket as it descended back to Earth.

While many of us watched from the ground online, the lucky passenger looked on thousands of feet in the air as the spacecraft left the atmosphere.

Thankfully, user tkMagus, who says they saw the rocket from their plane, posted the clip online:

Other Redditors were in awe over the footage.

Willmcavoy said:

Looking at this though, I had this amazing feeling. This sight is going to be common in a couple decades. We will watch regular launches to space, just as we see airliners take off today. My kids will be used to it, but it will never not leave me in awe.

Mattenthehat said:

It's pretty crazy to watch. Intuitively, I obviously know the rocket goes much, much higher than a plane, but it is still different to see the rocket shoot way, way past the plane that is already at 30,000 feet.

If you're wondering more about the 'giant catchers mitt' ship named Mr Steven, here's Elon Musk's Instagram post.

Thursday’s launch catapulted a PAZ radar imaging satellite into space along with two secondary payloads, Microsat 2a and Microsat 2b - thought to be demonstrators for Space X’s Starlink broadband service.

The recycled Falcon 9 rocket blasted off at full thrust from Vadenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex in California.

The attempt to catch the Falcon rocket in the giant net sadly failed, however, it landed intact a few hundred metres away.

Isn't the future great?

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