Starbucks employee labels Muslim men's drink in Philadelphia as 'Isis'

Lowenna Waters
Friday 30 August 2019 15:15
Picture:(Getty / Twitter )

Three young Muslim Starbucks customers have been left shocked after they noticed that the word 'ISIS' had been written on their order.

In the alleged incident, the three young Muslims claimed that they had already bought their drinks, and had left the store when they noticed that 'ISIS' had been printed on their cups.

In a tweet, Washington Post journalist Abigail Hauslohner reported:

Three young Muslim men in Philadelphia last wknd went into their neighborhood @Starbucks (where they are frequent customers) & ordered drinks.

They said they had already walked out & were sipping their cold brews when they noticed the cashier had printed "ISIS" on their cups.

She then followed it up with two more tweets, saying:

They filed an online complaint. A Starbucks representative responded Monday (in an email that Niquel, who had placed the order, shared with me) saying that he was concerned by the complaint and that a specialist would follow-up by phone.

Then, she added:

All three of the Starbucks customers work at the nearby @GtownMasjid. 

The mosque's congregants  go there frequently to drink tea and coffee and socialise, the imam says. 

This isn't the first time that an alleged incident involving race has occurred at a Starbucks cafe.

In April 2018, a Starbucks outlet was forced to apologise to two black men who were arrested at one of their cafes in Philadelphia, after claims were made that it was an instance of racial profiling, reports the Independent.

In a statement to indy100 a spokesperson for Starbucks said:

After conducting a thorough investigation, we have no reason to believe this was a case of discrimination or profiling. When the customer approached our barista and shared his preferred name, Aziz, she mistakenly spelled it incorrectly. After first learning of this unfortunate incident, we quickly reached out to learn more and have apologized to Mr. Johnson directly.

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