Streamer hit in the head by Black woman after using n-word in front of her

Streamer hit in the head by Black woman after using n-word in front of her
IP2 Always Win

An online streamer has recorded himself getting hit in the head by a Black security guard in New Orleans after he used a racist slur while talking to her.

In the clip, the white streamer, who has been identified as ‘Loulz’ and is active on the IP2 Always Win platform, approaches the woman, who appears to be working as a bouncer for a bar in New Orleans, and asks her: “Excuse me, ma’m. Do you know where the n*****s play?”

The woman clearly heard what he said but was still taken aback and asks him to repeat himself by saying: “What the f*** you just said the first time?”

Loulz then repeats the question but omits the n-word before walking off up the street. Adding his commentary to the video, he admits that she heard what he said but keeps repeating the word to himself in private.

A friend of his then starts to beckon him back down the street and past the woman. At this point, he tries to protest that he said “people” and not the n-word and then yells at his friend: “She’s gonna hit me daw. We gotta go.”

Loulz tries to avoid her but she comes up to him and strikes him in the head, which caused him to start bleeding. As the video ends, he can be heard threatening to call the police, before the viewer sees his face, which has blood on it.

Warning: the video contains racist language and swearing.

An alternative video of the incident filmed by a CCTV camera has also been shared on the streaming platform.

IPS Always Win appears to have a significant right-wing presence on its platform with many of the replies to the aforementioned video using racist words. The description of the video also uses the n-word.

Indy100 has contacted IP2 Always Win for comment and will update this article should we receive a reply.

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