Stephen Colbert summed up Trump's 81-minute press conference just perfectly

Another day, another completely bizarre moment of the Trump presidency.

The president, who infamously bragged about touching women without consent on tape, took command of the effort to push Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court by staging a press conference in New York. This came despite allegations that, in his high school and college years, Kavanaugh was involved in sexual misconduct. Kavanaugh denies all allegations.

Rambling and often incoherent, Trump made his UN press conference mainly about himself – no surprises there.

Defending Kavanaugh, Trump stated, without evidence, that "four or five women who got paid a lot of money" accused him of sexual harassment and implied that he could determine himself whether men accused of sexual misconduct are guilty.

Trump dismissed the allegations against his nominee as part of a "con job" perpetrated by the Democratic party, referring to democrats as “con artists”.

The reactions to Trump’s disturbing press conference were varied. Comedian Stephen Colbert used his late night slot to dissect Trump’s bizarre 81-minute long press conference.

Colbert provided a brief summary of the president's conference, addressing the latest Kavanaugh accusation then analysing the weirdest moments, starting with a takedown of Trump's declaration that the allegations were a "big fat con job".

That is a harsh attack on these women. But it would make an honest slogan. Trump 2020: A big fat con job.

He mocked Trump’s assertion that the FBI had “nothing to investigate” relating to the Kavanaugh allegations and that the entire world is conspiring against him. He also took down Trump for saying that the #MeToo has become a witch hunt.

He then talked over a reporter trying to ask him about the sexual assault allegations against him. To which Colbert imitated:

Excuse me, excuse me. Shut up reporter lady. I'm trying to tell these people how women deserve to be heard. Zip it.

H/T: Mashable

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