Colbert thinks he spotted hidden 'penis meaning' in Trump comments

Colbert thinks he spotted hidden 'penis meaning' in Trump comments
Donald Trump Says He and Kim Jong Un Have ‘Chemistry’ and Exchanged …

Stephen Colbert was seemingly freaked out by a newly released clip from the "Trump Tapes" between Donald Trump and author Bob Woodward.

Earlier this week, Woodward shared further snippets from his 2020 interviews, which The Late Show host played during his monologue on Monday night (October 24).

Trump and Woodward were discussing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un when Woodward cited a CIA analysis that called him "cunning, crafty, but ultimately stupid."

"I disagree," Trump jumped in, before adding: "He’s cunning, he’s crafty, he’s very smart."

Trump delved into his and the dictator's relationship and their so-called "chemistry", saying: "They have no idea. I’m the only one that knows. I’m the only one he deals with. He won’t deal with anybody else…"

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"You meet somebody and you have a good chemistry,” he expressed. "You meet a woman, in one second you know whether or not it’s all gonna happen."

Colbert was left stunned by the comment. "Wow," he eventually said. "Did he and Kim Jong-un…"

"I mean, whatever, whatever makes you happy. Love is love. But it really gives a whole new meaning to ‘little rocket man,'" Colbert joked.

The host wasted no time clarifying "a penis meaning."

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Earlier in the monologue, Colbert mocked journalist Woodward who recently described Trump as a "unparalleled danger."

"Really Bob? Now you’re realising this," Colbert joked.

"I look forward to your next op/ed, ‘Something Seems Off About This Harvey Weinstein Guy,'" Colbert added.

He then played a clip of the former president speaking about Covid, saying "I take no responsibility for this."

"That’s also what he says on Eric’s birthday," Colbert quipped.

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