Stop eating crumpets. Immediately

Stop eating crumpets. Immediately

Anyone who tries to live a moderately healthy lifestyle wouldn’t consider three bags of crisps a sensible start to the day.

But I'm afraid we have a bit of bad news for crumpet lovers: One “giant” crumpet has a similar amount of salt in it as those very same packets of crisps.

A survey has measured the nutritional value of a range of crumpets on offer in UK supermarkets (because of course it has), and the results might put you off the light, buttery, warm breakfast treat forever.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) inspected 27 different crumpets and described their results as “shocking”.

They found that:

  • Almost half exceeded the government’s responsibility deal for average salt targets for crumpets of 1.13g of salt per 100g.
  • Seven types of crumpet exceeded the maximum salt target of 1.25g salt per 100g.
  • The average salt lever per crumpet was almost the same amount as in one-and-a-half packets of ready salted crisps.
  • The worst offender was Warburtons, which contained more than a quarter of an adults’ daily recommended maximum of salt.
  • Branded crumpets, overall, had significantly higher levels of salt than supermarket own versions. 

And that's before you even get to the delicate matter of what actually goes on top of the crumpet.

Crumpet does, however, remain a fun word to say.

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