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Stormy Daniels has taken another shot at Donald Trump, this time openly mocking him on the red carpet at the Adult Video News Awards.

The 39-year-old adult actress, who claims to have had an affair with the president and who has accused him of trying to pay her off, appeared at the awards in Las Vegas on Saturday alongside her lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Given her newfound media status, her presence at the awards was unlikely to go without incident and she certainly made a point upon arriving at the ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

When she was quizzed about her relationship with the president, she came back with possibly the best NSFW answer you are ever likely to hear.

[Trump should be in attendance because he] f****d more people than anybody.

Avenatti also took his opportunity to take a swipe at Trump while also referencing special counsel Robert Mueller. According to the Daily Mail, he said:

It's an honour for me to be here tonight because Bob Mueller and I were co-nominated for an award tonight.

It's a joint award. It's 'Best Domination of a Sitting US President'.

He also spoke about his support for universal healthcare and tuition-free college, but ruled out any plans to run for president in 2020.

The duo also made a point of stating that he and Daniels are hoping that Congress will make the testimony of Michael Cohen a public hearing.

Stormy and I are going to attend, providing that it's a public hearing. I'm demanding that it be public to hear the testimony from Michael Cohen. It should not be in a smoke-filled room.

Frankly, I want America to see Stormy at that hearing because that hearing would not have taken place but for the courageousness and fortitude of Stormy Daniels.

It would not have happened. None of this would have happened without Stormy Daniels. I'm going to be diligent and make sure that people know her significance in American history.

Daniels signed copies of her new book Full Disclosure, which details her alleged affair with Trump, at the weekend's AVN Expo.

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