A student found out they failed an exam on Twitter and it created a conspiracy

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A tweet has sparked a massive online search for a person named Taiwan Jones.

It all started after designer and photographer Roy Handy tweeted that he was sitting next to a Howard University college professor on a flight.

This otherwise simple tweet quickly went viral and people were desperate to know who Taiwan is.

The first person to clock the claim was this Taiwan Jones.

Taiwan lists his location on Twitter as Washington DC and claims to be attending Howard in his bio.

Considering that this is the internet these sort of things can be fabricated exceedingly easily, so it's best to take Taiwan's claim with a pinch of salt.

He later followed the initial tweet with a few more posts on the subject.

He even began responding to the thread of the original tweet.

At this point we would probably give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but then another Taiwan Jones came along.

And another one...

Picture:Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab

Both of these users also state that they attend Howard.

Is it really possible that there are three Taiwan Jones's at Howard and they are all failed a recent test?

The lack of a clear and confirmed Taiwan Jones didn't stand in the way of the rest of Twitter enjoying themselves.

One Taiwan Jones then began mocking the other Taiwan Jones.

Some intensive investigations from other Twitter users might have uncovered some further truths.

BuzzFeedeven reached out to Roy for some further clarification but that didn't return any concrete answers.

I can not verify what school the student attends, which is why I said 'if' in context of the tweet.

I wasn't aware of how much power this relatable topic could have across the HBCU community as a whole.

This whole saga will probably remain as one of the internet's great unsolved mysteries, but it has created a Spartacus-like rebellion with those who empathise with Taiwan.

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