One in 10 students have kicked a flatmate out due to their poor bathroom habits

One in 10 students have kicked a flatmate out due to their poor bathroom habits

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University students and alumni who have gone through the turbulent experience of sharing a student flat will know all too well about the towering plates in the kitchen sink, the messy sofa and – perhaps worst of all – the toxic bathroom.

According to a new survey of 1,000 students, commissioned by the online bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing, 10 per cent have kicked out a flatmate as a result of their poor bathroom habits, with over half (52 per cent) claiming they have lived with such a person.

Despite experts reportedly suggesting we clean our bathrooms at least once a week, 12 per cent admitted they only clean that part of the house once a month, with nine per cent revealing they have never cleaned their bathroom.

Some of the worst behaviours bemoaned by students around bathroom cleanliness included wet floors and hair in the sink (both at 24 per cent), and unflushed toilets (35 per cent).


And it doesn’t stop at poor cleanliness, either, as 30 per cent confirmed they have pinched toilet rolls from public places. Other stolen items – from either a fellow student or dorm room – include toiletries such as shampoo (18 per cent), shower gel (15 per cent) and deodorant (13 per cent).

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Outright theft is pretty stinky behaviour, if you ask us.

Joe Pascoe, chief marketing officer at Victorian Plumbing, said: “For many people, university is the first time they are moving out of their family homes to live with other people, so there is no doubt students encounter different bathroom habits that they may not be accustomed to.

“The research is a fun way of identifying students' pet peeves when it comes to bathrooms and in the same breath, a small self-reflection exercise because (at one point or another) we have all exhibited some bathroom habits that are normal to us but questionable to others."

The lesson here folks is to wash your bathrooms, you filthy animals.

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