Stop everything. This may be the most stupid comment written on the internet, ever

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 17 December 2016 12:45

If you feared 2016 has just been one long death-plummet for society as we know it, then look away now.

Plans are underway for Ivanka Trump to joint her father’s administration.

Many are saying such nepotism won't be allowed.

Depending on the interpretation of the law, the incoming President could be prohibited from doing this.

Writer Kaili Joy Gray brought Twitter's attention to possibly the dumbest exchange ever.

Her tweet shows an exchange between Tim Carney, an editor at the Washington Examiner. Carney tweeted:

Please explain the nepotism charge vs Trump, re Ivanka

Blake Hounshell politely explained:

She’s his daughter?

And Carney replied:

About half the country is someone’s daughter.

There you go, everyone.

Luckily, no one shared Carney's logic:

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