Brexiteer Suella Braverman has been appointed to Boris Johnson's cabinet after his unprecedented reshuffle which saw major names like Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and Sajid Javid leave.

Braverman is now the new attorney general, replacing Geoffrey Cox, and has already made headlines after she launched an attack on "unelected, unaccountable" judges who have threatened the 'supremacy of parliament.'

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people who aren't thrilled about her appointment have been reminiscing about her appearance on Channel 4 News back in 2017.

Speaking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about her role in the pro-Brexit group within the Tories, known as the ERG, she was asked how many ministers were part of their set-up and how they were using public money to fund their research.

Braverman said:

The European Research Group has existed for many, many years actually and errm...their express mission is to support the government to deliver a Brexit that is reflective of the referendum, that is prosperity led and successful.

However, the wheels so fell off the interview when Guru-Murthy asked her exactly how many ministers were in the ERG. She replied:

I'm not going to say how many ministers are in it.

Guru-Murthy then asked her if it was a 'secret society' which she assured him it wasn't and virtually repeated the same line over and over again.

When really pressed she said:

It’s all on the public record, and people are able to disclose their name.

After saying this Guru-Murthy wanted to know where people could see this list which led to more cryptic answers.

The list of members is kept by the ERG. It is available if necessary. 

It's available because everyone has to declare. This is not something for, err...but I can definitely provide it. 

In the wake of her new role in the government, people were more than happy to share this disastrous interview again just to remind everyone who is now in charge of providing legal advice to the government.

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