People are relying on these goats to help them through coronavirus because at this point why not

People are relying on these goats to help them through coronavirus because at this point why not

Look, everyone’s a bit jumpy.

And with social distancing in place, many are feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

That’s why Sunflower Farm Creamery, a Maine goat farm which also happened to have 54,000 YouTube subscribers, has started a new initiative to try and lighten moods somewhat.

Hope Hall, owner of Sunflower Farm, announced she’ll be uploading daily videos of the adorable goats that live there, giving viewers a peek into the lives of the goats and their daily activities.

Each video will also have a few quiet minutes at the end, for viewers to engage in meditation if they want to.

Hall says she’s aware that goats aren’t going to fix the anxieties and poor mental health people may be experiencing at this time.

But it’s something, at least.

"There is so little I can do to help all of you out there with the very real problems which are arising with this unprecedented situation,” she wrote in the caption underneath the first upload, titled ‘A Love Notes from the Goats’.

“But I can share with you the one thing that makes me feel a lot better — time with the goats!"

Hall also asks viewers a question in her captions – like what their favourite poem is during “dark times”, or what advice they always hold onto – and encourages responses via the comment section.

And viewers seem to really appreciate the daily updates.

“Your farm is so peaceful and are so blessed. Thank you for sharing with us,” wrote one commenter.

“These videos are such a gift. Thank you so much for making them. Your presence is such a support as are your fellow animal companions! Blessing to all of you on the farm!” posted another.

Scientists have found stress levels are reduced by just 10 minutes of petting dogs and cats.

And while watching goats on YouTube isn’t quite the same, it seems to be having a positive effect – at least according to the watchers.

Goats: the unlikely anxiety alleviation we never knew we needed.

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