The sound failed on historic Supreme Court ruling

The sound failed on historic Supreme Court ruling

The nation was gripped by the Supreme Court ruling that Boris Johnson's attempt to shut down parliament for five weeks was unlawful. When we could actually hear what was going on, that is.

Technical issues meant that the live feed was unclear to some viewers due to 'heavy rain' - have you ever heard anything more British?

This meant that the live broadcast of Lady Hale delivering the verdict (complete with stylish spider brooch) wasn't heard in it's full glory.

The BBC issued an apology, saying "We apologise to those of you experiencing problems with the sound on the live stream, we are told it is a problem from within the Supreme Court itself, and is due to the heavy rain in London."

The Internet latched on to the mistake.

Since her ruling, Lady Hale has become a meme already, of course. Keep tuning in to find out what happens next in the current series of 'UK Parliament.' We're a big fan of the latest character, when we can hear what she's saying that is.

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