An MP tried to correct Diane Abbott's grammar - turns out he was wrong himself
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An MP tried to correct Diane Abbott's grammar before realising he was actually in the wrong all along. A tale as old as time.

Mike Gapes, a former Labour MP who resigned earlier this year to stand as a candidate for the Independent Group, retweeted Diane and suggested she spell leader with a capital L. Which of course, is not a thing.

We're not in a Sci-Fi film Mike, we don't even capitalise prime minister or president here. You only capitalise Leader if it's preceded by the word Supreme and we've been taken over by a superior race. Or live in a dystopian dictatorship, which, arguably, we're edging closer to by the day.

And of course, nothing goes unnoticed on the Internet;

After Twitter users pointed out his gaff, Gapes deleted the tweet, in the icing on the mansplaining cake. Never try to be smart if you don't know your grammar Mike, it doesn't suit anyone.It's the biggest fall from grace.

Diane Abbott has already talked extensively about the vile abuse she faces daily as a black female MP, the least she can count on is former colleagues supporting her grammar, after all, she was the one who actually knew what she was talking about.

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