Speaking from her hospital bed, Addison Short, who was shot in the leg during the Las Vegas mass shooting, had a message of thanks for her rescuer.

Short, aged 18, and a resident of Las Vegas, was one of the hundreds injured when Stephen Paddock opened fire into a crowd attending a country music festival at the Las Vegas Village green space.

On Monday, Short used Facetime to appear on CNN, and she said she wanted to thank the man who had 'rescued her'.

If the guy that helped me is watching I really just want to tell him how grateful I am for saving my life. Thank you so much.

Short told CNN that she was hit in the leg as she attempted to run for cover from the bullets raining down on the crowd.

According to Short a stranger wrapped her leg in a tourniquet, and carried her to safety over his shoulder.

Please get me out of here.

The man put her in a taxi and dispatched her to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, from where she sent her message of thanks.

It was just the scariest experience of my life.


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