One man turned an idyllic town into the most dangerous city in the world

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 18 January 2017 14:30
Picture:(Shutterstock / Ton Kung)

One man has single-handedly fought back at fake news by cleverly exposing the danger in believing online figures without knowing their source.

Linus Trulsson manipulated crowdsourced database Numbeo in order to rank the sleepy Swedish city of Lund as the most dangerous place in the world, despite its crime rate being below the national average.

He managed to put Lund number one on Numbeo’s Crime Index Rate, one above Caracas in Venezuela.

Numbeo uses users’ reviews to rank cities based on their safety, rather than official statistics.

Picture: Numbeo(Numbero)

Trulsson decided to take action after seeing stories spreading about crime rates in the Swedish city Malmo, based on figures from the site.

He told The Local:

It is easy to shape public opinion towards a particular case, above all if you have similar-minded people behind you

So Trulsson gave Lund multiple bad reviews, and in less than a day he managed to make it the world’s most dangerous city:

Picture: Numbero(Numbero)

What a way to make the rest of us feel unproductive today.

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