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We're all so wrapped up in our world of smartphones, social media, the internet and electricity that it's sometimes hard to imagine a world without them.

However, this video of an 89-year-old man named John Emory Andrus being interviewed in 1930 about the state of culture and technology, in comparison to when he was born in 1841, will give you a shocking reminder of how much things have changed.

The video, filmed in 1930, was shot with an early Movietone sound camera, and now YouTuber Guy Jones has uploaded the nearly six-minute clip of the interview to his channel.

Andrus served in the U.S Congress as a representative for New York in the early 20th century and, in the interview, he discusses the wonders of modern technology, notably electricity and yes, you guessed it, steam power.

Speaking to the camera, he said:

The world has made great progress with electricity and steam power that was unknown when I was a boy.

We are yet in the infancy of the developments and the benefits that are coming from electricity.

He was also questioned on what he thought of the recent stock market crash:

I think it's one of the worst calamities that I have known in all my life. 

Thousands of people were encouraged to buy on a rising market, and when the market was at its height... they saw the end and then we had the collapse. 

He also had some advice on how a man can make good use of technology:

New things are arriving every day.

A man that has sense and can see them and choose that which is more congenial to his makeup, he’s sure to make a success if he’s positioned untiring in the matter.

He was also asked how much longer he expected to live:

I expect to live as long as my heart is true to form...

I’m going to do my part in taking care of my physique

Watch the entire interview here.

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