<p> Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)</p>

Senador Ted Cruz (R-TX)

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Ted Cruz just made a shameless attempt to joke about when he tried to flee Texas for Cancun during a major storm earlier this year.

Cruz’s little family holiday trip to Mexico was widely publicized, landing him in some hot water thanks to this failed attempt to scarper incognito.

And while Texans might feel different about Cruz attempting to abandon them, it appears as though all is forgiven—on Cruz’s side anyway.

Cruz responded to a tweet bashing California Governor Gavin Newsom for spending Thanksgiving with family in Mexico this year amid his state being in a Covid-19 state of emergency.

Cruz’s reaction to the news? “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo.”

Who’s going to tell him he’s not in on the joke?

We’re not sure if Cruz expected a pat on the back for his quip, but it’s safe to say he probably didn’t get the reaction he was expecting.

“Every time he tweets this stuff I think of my grandmother who was worried about freezing, my aunt/uncle that took care of her by bracing terrible road conditions, & all of the other Texans who died because they didn’t have people like that,” one tweet read , adding: “@tedcruz, you’re disgusting.”

Another person wrote, “I know I’m not saying anything 1,000 others aren’t saying but it’s legit disgusting that a US Senator continues to make light of him escaping during a weather emergency that killed 200 of his constituents. like what the actual fuck is wrong with him.”

“How little do you care about those you abandoned?” asked one.

If you’re in need of a quick refresher, here it is: Back in February, Texas faced historic winter storms that resulted in the tragic deaths of hundreds. The storm also left millions of Texans unable to access power or even running water.

Amid the chaos, Cruz was photographed at an airport and tried to pull a fast one on everybody by fleeing away from the danger to sunny Cancun. When said photos made the rounds on the internet, Cruz dropped off his daughters and bolted home; later deciding that blaming the trip on his kids would be a good idea.

At the time, Cruz said that his daughters asked to go away with their friends and he complied he would do anything to be a “good dad.”

Many Texans called for him to resign as he attempted to save face by making an ill amount of TV appearances. But alas, it seems like Cruz has let bygones be bygones and put it all behind him—how thoughtful.

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