Ten things that are good about Scotland staying in the Union

Although 45 per cent of Scots voted to leave the United Kingdom, here are a few reasons why it might be a good thing they stayed...

1. Scottish companies can build sales in England

Without any complications in pricing or taxation.

2. Scotland can stay in the European Union

With ease of travel, free trade, retirement to the sunny south of Europe and, of course, tourism. In all likelihood, Scotland could have joined the EU as an independent country, but at least staying in the UK saved a bit of hassle.

3. The best telly in the world

And radio too. BBC Scotland and BBC Alba deliver quality local programming, plus Eastenders and Strictly (The. Best. Telly. In. The. World!). The rest of Britain benefits from Andrew Marr, Jim Naughtie and Kirsty Young.

4. No one will ever invade Scotland ever again...

...particularly with the Trident nuclear fleet remaining at Faslane.

5. Scotland can still share Shakespeare and Churchill

As English as they are, Scotland has a share in the author of Macbeth and the prime minister of Scotland when Britain stood alone in 1940. And everyone can keep a claim on Andy Murray and Robert Burns.

6. Keep running the English

Gove, Fox, Brown, Darling, Falconer, Cook, Kennedy, Campbell, Steel and Rifkind have kept Scots voices round the UK Cabinet table and in the corridors of global power.

7. Balmoral

It is perfectly possible that Wills and Kate's next offspring will be given a proper Scots name, such as Kenneth or Rhona. (You lucky, lucky people.)

8. Curling...

...and all the other sports where Team GB excels together.

9. No more Tory government

Devo max will allow Scotland to veto any attempt to privatise the NHS, re-impose the poll tax or push more Scottish children into poverty.

10. Scotland can still vote for independence

If things don't work out, there can always be another referendum in future.

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