In the wake of the horrific attack on a music concern in Manchester, the UK Government have raised the terror threat in the country to critical.

Critical is the highest point the terror threat has been in a decade, and has lead to the deployment of armed troops on the streets to protect key locations.

Naturally this news is immensely worrying, it suggests that the potential for an additional attack is high.

However, in the face of the threat of attack, the British people have taken it up on themselves to share wha really scares them.

Those day-to-day fears that cause a deep down, very British, panic.

And of course, everyone else started tweeting their own:

Things began to get slightly more confrontational.

Let's face it, we've all been there.

It would be rude to say anything.

A weekly struggle.

Don't do this.

On the pitch.

On the phone.

On the train.

On a chair.

And, seemingly, in every corridor ever to have existed ever.

Pavement woes.

*Panic intensifies*

In fact there were a lot of supermarket worries.

Does anyone know the second verse?

It's a two kiss situation - abort, abort!

I'm not falling into anyone's arms thank you very much.

Some people believe that this little flurry of humour amid a bleak and worrying week is a sign of weakness. Or, even worse, a sign that we've become desensitised to terrorist acts.

To that, the people say:

You're all marvellous people.

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