Tesco recalls popular Christmas dinner staple as it 'may contain moths'

Tesco recalls popular Christmas dinner staple as it 'may contain moths'
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It’s a nightmare when moths get into your wardrobe – but what about when they get into your dinner?

Tesco has recalled a popular Christmas dinner item for exactly that reason: the “possible presence of moths”.

The supermarket warned customers not to eat their apple and cranberry stuffing mix because of a “foreign body contamination”.

It said customers should return the item because it is “unfit for human consumption”.

In a risk statement on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website, the company said: “This product has a presence of insects (moths), which makes it unsafe to eat.”

Customers have been told they can get a full refund without a receipt if they take the packs back to a store.

The affected packs are 130g in weight and are best before September 2024 (well, they were supposed to be).

The moths are thought to have got into the stuffing mix through one of the raw ingredients.

The batch that was affected has been pulled from sale, but later batches of the mix are still available in store and online.

Cranberries look like the most likely item, an import from the US, where the berries grow in bogs on the East Coast and have long been a popular side dish in Thanksgiving meals.

Tesco said: “We are recalling a single batch of Tesco Finest Apple & Cranberry Stuffing Mix due to the possible presence of moths which makes the product unfit for human consumption.

“Please do not consume this product and return it to a store where a full refund will be given. No receipt is required.”

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