This woman wants to marry Tetris

This woman wants to marry Tetris

This Morning recently interviewed Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan (who goes by Fractal Tetris Huracan), who says she is in love with a game of Tetris.

Fractal, from Florida, told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that she had been in a relationship with a calculator called Pierre De Fermat, before the cartridge of the game.

She said from the age of seven she had:

just decided that I like monorails and iPods and treadmills.

Fractal added that the calculator's name had given him a personality:

Well, I thought that Pierre is really beautiful and I loved the buttons on him and the trackpad is beautiful and I just loved his function.

However, the calculator broke, ending their relationship, so she has since been in a relationship with a Tetris cartridge since 2016:

I'm in love with the game himself and the cartridge is a means, a vessel of presenting him.

It's the clear lines, it satisfies me, it's just really beautiful. I find him just so attractive.

Schofield asked whether the relationship was an intimate or sexual one, to which Fractal replied:

Yes, it's very intimate.

Fractal then said she was open to the idea of marriage with the cartridge one day:

Yes the marriage aspect is purely ceremonial, obviously I can't literally marry an object.

It would just be me having a ceremony with Tetris.

Fractal said she had feelings for objects and had previously sought help for the condition of objectophilia - the attraction to inanimate objects:

Yeah, it was kind of confusing. I didn't really understand what was going on.

I've tried romantic relationships with humans and they never worked out.

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